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CalmWear began as a project fuelled by frustration, and a strong will to help those with sensory issues thrive. 

We know that compression therapy works.

We know that constant pressure on the body will calm an overwhelmed sensory system, whether the cause is autism. anxiety, sensory processing, or anything else in which a person cannot function to their full capacity because they are constantly distracted by their sensory needs. 

But when we looked, we found .... nothing. And so began the frustration.

So, we set out to make our own sensory compression wear, and we not only did, but we also made the BEST!

Along with Specialists, Engineers, and Professionals in the field of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder, CalmWear™ was developed.


CalmWear is approved by the BC Autism Funding Unit

Please let us know if you have been approved for CalmWear and prefer that the Funding Unit pay us directly via the Request To Pay form


For technical reasons, CalmWear can't be ordered directly from our website.

To order CalmWear, please send us a list of your needs (along with colour and size) to





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