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Rainbow Pebbles

Rainbow Pebbles


Children will have great fun with this construction and early mathematics manipulative.

  • Ideal for developing fine motor skills, and for counting, sorting and creative design.
  • 36 plastic pebbles in 6 colors and 6 sizes (34" x 1-18" x 14" to 2-14" x 3-14" x 14"). packaged in a sturdy plastic container.
  • Activity cards are full-color and double-sided. Activities include building structures, sorting, counting and sequencing and imaginative design.

A fascinating math manipulative.

Hands-on learning at every level! A calming, sensory toy for special needs learners. The odd pebble shapes provide an extra challenge when stacking too.

Sort, stack and sequence

Ideal for attribute recognition, kids sort the pebbles by their colors and shapes and stack them by category. Using a steady hand, these odd-shaped pieces will balance when stacked!

Create and construct beautiful art

The 20 double-sided activity cards will inspire kids to copy designs or use their imagination to create their own. Perfect for building self-guided, constructive play skills.



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