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Good Job Reward Chart

Good Job Reward Chart


We really like this kit. It is customizable and can hang anywhere.  Unlike many such charts, this one has an easy to access storage tray and a prize box for small treats.

This customizable responsibility chart features magnetic tiles and stickers corresponding to common household tasks, from 'Make the Bed' and 'Help with Dinner' to 'Do Homework' and 'Brush Your Teeth'.

After picking out the tasks of their choice (or customizing their own ones with the set's blank stickers), kids and parents can track daily progress with the positive accomplishment magnets. Parents can add incentive and reward positive progress with small toys or treats kept within the chart's fun reward box. Kids can also earn their rewards through good behavior that's unrelated to chores.

The Good Job Reward Chart's 'Caught You Being Good!' section gives parents space to recognize and celebrate little moments of sweetness with magnets and stickers complete with affirmation-filled phrases.

  • Includes storage for tiles, and a write-and-wipe surface with a space for your child's name
  • Contains small parts, not suitable for children less than three years old

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