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Purrble is an interactive plush companion who helps kids calm themselves down in the moment and build resilience. Purrble is perfect for self soothing at home during quarantine, in virtual classrooms, and on-the-go, whenever big emotions bubble up!

It is both a high-tech device and a soft, furry toy perfectly sized for soothing, at home and on-the-go.

💗 HOW PURRBLE WORKS: When Purrble is startled, their heart beats quickly and invites kids to calm them down. As kids pet and soothe their companion, Purrble’s vibrational heartbeat slows into a gentle purr. When kids calm Purrble, they learn how to calm themselves.

POWERED BY RESPONSIVE TECHNOLOGY. Purrble has a dynamic heartbeat that changes with their emotions and seven sensors that respond to touch and fidgeting.

  • GIVES PARENTS & KIDS A BREAK. When your kids are stressed, so are you. Purrble transforms battles and tantrums into moments of calm for the whole family. Hand Purrble to your child when they are on the brink of a meltdown, struggling with daily transitions, or just experiencing a tough time.

BORN FROM RESEARCH. Studies show that kids can learn to calm themselves by calming others. Purrble’s core technology comes from over 3 years of rigorous research to develop a play-based method for calming children.

REVIEWS: "This product is purrrr-fect! My daughter uses it all the time to help her self-regulate. She is allergic to all furry friends so I thought this would be a great alternative. I highly recommend this to anyone with an anxious little in their life!" Jacki

"My son suffers from severe Dyslexia and the C19 situation has created a nightmare where he doesn't get his IEP time and space allotments and when he gets asked a question virtually during school he often will meltdown. The Purrble has provided a little solace and companionship and helped him to calm down during class. It's definitely reduced the meltdown factor." C.C.

Price:$110.00 Sale! $85.00

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