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Sensory Stories Complete Manual and CD

Sensory Stories Complete Manual and CD

Sensory Stories teach children with over-responsive sensory modulation to successfully engage in daily activities within the home, school, and community. They instruct the child to use calming sensory strategies in order to deal with the unpleasant sensory aspects of that particular situation. When read on a regular basis, Sensory Stories assist the child in developing effective routines to manage the sensory experiences surrounding typical daily activities.

This product is the complete set of 30 Sensory Stories (10 stories each for Home, School and Community) in print form and nicely wire bound in a book format. As an additional bonus, the CD with all stories is included. The Manual also  describes what sensory stories are, summarizes who should use sensory stories, describes some of the key features within sensory stories and indicates how they should be used.


Bathing (10 pg story) • Combing Hair (8 pg story) • Ear Cleaning (9 pg story) • Eating at Home (9 pg story) • Getting Dressed in the Morning (9 pg story) • Nail Care (10 pg story) • Showering (13 pg story) • Sleeping (10 pg story) • Brushing Teeth (10 pg story) • Washing Hair (12 pg story)



Assemblies (9 pg story) • Being in Lines (9 pg story) • Cafeteria (10 pg story) • Circle Time/Floor Time (10 pg story) • Desk Time (10 pg story) • Eating Time (10 pg story) • Moving in the School (9 pg story) • Outdoor Recess (9 pg story) • Physical Education Class (10 pg story) • School Bus Ride (10 pg story)



Getting a Hair Cut (10 pg story) • Going to a Restaurant (12 pg story) • Going to a Store (11 pg story) • Going to Parties (11 pg story) • Going to the Dentist (10 pg story) • Going to the Doctor (11 pg story) • Riding in an Elevator (9 pg story) • Riding in the Car (10 pg story) • Riding on an Escalator (10 pg story) • Going to Places of Worship (10 pg story)




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