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What Do You Say...What Do You Do...At School?

What Do You Say...What Do You Do...At School?


Going to school has never been so cool!

"What Do You Say….What Do You Do…At School?" is a colorful, fun, interactive board game for teaching and reinforcing important social skills that students need for successful interaction with their peers, teachers, and parents. The social situation cards in the game target reasoning, inferencing, pragmatic, narrative, and conversational skills. The question cards emphasize typical situations that children encounter at school, as well as peer relationships, safety precautions, following the rules, and interactions with adults. The questions are open-ended, requiring children to problem-solve and develop their own solutions to the situations. Additionally, the presentation of specific social situations encourages children to engage in role-play.

Challenge your students as they tour the school, collect tokens, and deal with everyday social skill situations in the classroom, lunchroom, school offices, related arts, playground, and around school areas. With almost 400 different social situations, your students will never play the same game twice! 

What Do You Say…What Do You Do…At School?

  • Colorful, foldable game board (18" x 18")
  • 144 laminated cardboard school tokens
  • 390 school situation cards (3⅜" x 1¾")
  • 6 laminated cardboard school characters
  • 6 token strips


"I use this product with students on the spectrum. They enjoy the board and the topics are appropriate. Makes them think about different options as well as pragmatics skills for the game play, itself."
Maddy H.
"This game is an awesome product for preparing children for the classroom"
Valerie P 
What Do You Say...What Do You Do...At School? continues a tradition of realistic, authentic, and engaging therapy materials developed by Super Duper for students on the Autism Spectrum. Our students do NOT learn and/or have innate social communication skills. The social dimension has to be broken down into meaningful activities that keep them tuned in as they learn. It would be impossible to make gains with these students without motivating games such as What Do You Say...What Do You Do...At School?.....Thank goodness for games in a box that address ALL of the critical components for students to be able to navigate the school social network. It is painful at times to watch them try to interact successfully and with coaching and repetition they will now be able to not only be academically successful but socially successful. Take a bow, Super Duper!
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