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#WA012 Twist N Write Pencils

Teaches Kids The Right Way To Write

Specifically designed for smaller hands, this wishbone-shaped mechanical pencil provides comfort for younger writers. Dual-action erasures assure ample opportunity for changes and corrections.

Thick 2 mm lead provides long-lasting write out and never needs sharpening.

Easy-to-use twist tip distributes lead for more consistent writing.

Mechanism: Mechanical Pencil Type:

Mechanical Lead Colors: Black 

"These pencils are awesome for my son who is living with PDD (Autism Spectrum). I would recommend them to any one who's child is in OT (Occupational Therapy), as my son is. He's unable to fully grip a normal pencil but with the style of the "Twist N' Write" pencils it has help him write more legibly and he enjoys using them. I have tired them myself and actually enjoy them as well. it makes writing a lot freer, and you don't find yourself gripping them too hard."  Barb K.



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