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Time Timer Plus

#O-17 Time Timer Plus

This wonderful company sells a wide range of timers, but this one, the PLUS combines most features into one very functional and effective timer.

Ideal for active kids, the Time Timer PLUS features a rugged case and durable clear lens to protect its patented red disk. And the new on-the-go handle makes it easy to take the timer anywhere you go!

“Seeing” time elapse makes the Time Timer PLUS ideal for:
  • Teaching children the concept of elapsed time
  • Making homework and practice time more productive
  • Reducing conflict in family and household routines
  • Managing the stress of transitions by showing “how much longer
The Time Timer PLUS also features a new volume control dial for those times you need a louder tone and those when you prefer silence. 
  • Lightweight anti-static disk
  • Silent operation
  • Size: 5.5" x 7"

Explore Time Timer in Special Needs

There’s a world of difference between looking at a clock and being able to say that it’s 3 o’clock and understanding “how long” 5 minutes is. For those who learn differently, this type of abstract thinking is even more difficult and often creates a high level of anxiety.

Recommended by Autism and ADHD experts, the Time Timer displays the passage of time with a disappearing red disk. This is a powerful tool for visual thinkers, no matter what age. 

Use your Time Timer in Special Needs:

  • Teachers: Discreetly give inclusion students extra time.
  • Trauma / Brain Injury: Ease the stress of long treatments.
  • Geriatric Care: Show when transitions will occur. 
  • ADHD Timers: Structure time in short productive blocks.  
  • Autism Timers: Visualize time. 
  • Encourage visual learning. 
  • Help caregivers stick to routine.
Your visual timer has been fantastic for my children. They are able to understand the concept of time. It has made a world of difference specifically for my son with autism! – Special Education Teacher 

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