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Gel Maze with Marble - Green

#WP07 Gel Maze with Marble - Green

PURPOSE: The gel maze provides the user with several activities, namely the movement of a ball through a maze pattern, sensory stimulation of a gel and eye-hand coordination.  These activites contribute to brain stimulation, increased finger strength, and improved finger dexterity.

EASY TO USE: The geL can be placed on the floor or table and the user transfers the ball along the maze with the fingers.

EASY CARE:  The heat-sealed gel maze can be wiped clean with a disinfectant.  It shouldn't be laundered. Although the gel is nontoxic, if any tears are discovered, ti should be discarded.  The gel and vinyl are phthalate compliant but shouldn't be eaten nor chewed.

SIZE: 14" square

WEIGHT: 2.2 lbs

Possible choking hazard.  Do not use for persons cognitively under the age of 3.


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