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ARK's Grabbers are medical grade chew tools for chewing, mouthing, and oral motor development. Use them to practice biting and chewing skills, exercise the mouth muscles, build oral tone, and provide proprioceptive feedback to the lips, tongue, cheeks, and jaw.  They can also be used as a safe alternative to chewing on hands, shirts, pencils, etc.  

And there are options below for mild through avid chewers, and limited through developed jaw strength.

  • Grabber-Magenta: Grabber is soft and chewy, perfect for mild chewers and/or as an oral motor tool for individuals with low oral tone / jaw strength.  Use it to exercise the lips, tongue, cheeks, and especially the jaw, allowing the mouth to learn and grow strong through oral exploration. It can also be used:  
    • As an oral fidget for sensory seekers craving stimulation and proprioceptive input
    • As a safe alternative to chewing on hands, knuckles, shirts, pencils, etc.
    • As an alternative to tooth-grinding and/or thumb-sucking
    • To help decrease oral defensiveness and food aversions
    • To practice biting/chewing without the risk of choking
    • To build oral strength, mobility, and control
    • To satisfy the urge to chew for individuals who are fed through a g-tube.
  • Grabber XT-Lime Green: The XT® is an "Xtra Tough" version of the original Grabber.  It's made out of a firmer material recommended for moderate chewers and/or those who prefer more resistance as they chew.  Or for those with a weak jaw, individuals can "graduate" from the original Grabber to this tougher version to gradually build jaw strength. 
  • Caution: although these chew tools are made out of sturdy, medical grade materials, they are not indestructible. Some individuals (particularly those with heavy oral needs and aggressive biting/chewing) may be able to damage the tools.  How long they last may depend on the oral sensory needs of the child as well as other variables.  Please supervise at all times and replace if necessary when the item shows signs of wear and tear.


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XT-Lime Green:
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