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4 Step Sequencing Set

4 Step Sequencing Set

Working with sequences is a great way to help kids develop skills in storytelling and ordering of events. This activity also helps develop observation, memory and logical thinking skills.
Ages 4 & Up.


  • 2-Drawer Storage Box,
  • 70 Soft Picture Tiles,
  • 26 Sequence Cards,
  • Activity Guide


`I love these,and so do the kids.Theres nothing worse than making a purchase and not being able to put the pieces back into the container. The top drawer holds the cards,with a little extra room.The bottom is for the perfectly sized pieces made for there younger hands.Sure there's extra room in the box,but if you find something cool that compliments this toy or something your young minds want to place here,you can do so.If you make learning fun,you cannot stop there creativity.Sometimes they learn in there own ways and can find outside objects that might be more helpful for them that they can keep in this Learning Box.They look great and organized when placed on top of one another,and kids seem to be more motivated to help clean up when they have easy access to two simple drawers.` Joanne B.


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