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Hokki Stool-Quick Ship Option-Dark Blue

#F01 Hokki Stool-Quick Ship Option-Dark Blue


Our Hokki is something really special: being seated on a Hokki means playful movement, activity and being in good spirits. An active stool for big and small, for use in the kindergarten, in school, in play areas and even at home. Hokki comes in four sizes so kids and adults alike can enjoy our Hokki.

The old distinction between sitting and moving is immediately suspended: The Hokki is a product with a simple and clear basic design, its simplicity allowing it to be versatile. It is easily manageable and understood intuitively. Kids are constantly finding new games to play with the Hokki, it sets no boundaries to children’s imagination.

Controlled freedom of movement stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system in a great variety of ways. Such activity is liberating and increases the sense of wellbeing. Body and mind are activated and the natural urge to move around is supported in a productive way.

The convex design of the base makes the Hokki movable in all directions. The carcass is made from polypropylene and highly stable but also very light. The soft base padding prevents slipping during dynamic sitting.

The seat cover makes sitting safer. The rounded-off seat edge has a trough structure which together with the secure base means the Hokki is movable yet extraordinarily stable.



15" or 38 cm

18" or 46 cm

20" or 51 cm


User Height                                 Size                    Typical Grade Level

45-50”                                          15 inch               Grades 1 to 3

51-63”                                          18”                     Grades 3 to 5, adult

64-74"                                          20"                     Grade 5 to adult


Under the Quick Ship Program, delivery times in Greater Victoria is free and will be 1 to 2 business days.

Delivery outside of Greater Victoria will be done as promptly as possible.  

Delivery rates are based on quantity and location. Once your order is placed with us, we will find the best cost for you from a number of shippers.  We do not make money on shipping.



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