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Icy Ice Building Set

Icy Ice Building Set


The Hexagon shape toy is age old, but by increasing the size that is larger than a child's face brings a whole to way to play.

The Icy Ice Building Set gives kids a multitude of ways to construct ice sculptures!  The set uses ice blocks for children to build and explore.  These high-quality hollow large plastic blocks create a visual three-dimensionally stimulating platform for kids that allows unlimited creations with open-ended play. Has 2 sizes of icy ice blocks in 4 colors. These snowflake-shaped rings connect in three dimensions to encourage spacial development with lots of fun along the way.

The small snowflake shaped blocks with elaborate angle design offers the possibility of infinite combinations.  You can assemble a small block into the center of a large block for more imaginative displays.  The beautiful multi-sized blocks connect securely to each other for endless possibilities of free creation.  The inter-locking design allows blocks to lock into place for easy and efficient storage.

Play Value:
Develops creativity, spatial awareness and visual thinking
Enhances hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while assembling and constructing blocks.
Encourages visual/spacial experiences with 2D and 3D constructions
Icy Ice Blocks allow children to build and explore through limitless combinations for pretend play

The Icy Ice Building Set Features include: 

  • 28 - Large Icy Ice Blocks 8.9" (22cm)  X .86" (2.2cm)  (7 pieces of each color: blue, green, orange & white)
  • 28 - Small Icy Ice Blocks 3.9" (10cm)  X  .59" (1.5cm)  (7 pieces of each color: blue, green, orange & white)


“This toy is great! There are so many different ways to play with the Icey Ice building set that my kids are entertained for hours at a time!”  Lisa, Mother of 7 y.o with a Vision Impairment

“We really love the booklet that comes with the Icey Ice blocks, it gives our kids a lot of great ideas on how to play with and what to make with the blocks.”   Geneva, Mother of Three Children, One of Whom has a Developmental Delay


Please note that the Icy Ice set is a special order, and may take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.  Due to the weight of the product, additional shipping charges to destinations outside of Greater Victoria may apply



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