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Weighted Blanket - Large - All Weights and Covers

#WB-02 Weighted Blanket - Large - All Weights and Covers

Our Large size blanket measures 168 x 110 cm or 66 x 43 inches

It comes with 3 weight options:

  • 5.5 kg or 12 lbs
  • 8.25 kg or 19 lbs
  • 11 kg or 24 lbs

The blanket's 48 pockets hold the weights, which are made of metal shot.  Each packet is double stitched in heavy duty washable vinyl.

The large blanket has 2 cover options:

  • plain on one side and soft blue fleece on the other.
  • water repellant fabric

Blue fleece and plain on other side              

Picking a blanket can be complicated.  If you need advice just call 250.216.2445 or email, and we'll sort it out together.


While it is recommended that a weighted blanket for children should be used for no more than 20 to 30 minutes, there is no such recommendation to be found for adults.  If the person is elderly and doesn't have the physical strength required to remove the blanket, it should not be used throughout the night.  If you are concerned about the length of time to use a weighted blanket for an older teen or adult, then please consult with your Occupational Therapist.


Many OT's recommend that the weight of the blanket should be 10% of your body weight. In some cases, it suggested to add a couple to pound to this calculation.

All blankets are special order. Delivery times will be as fast as possible, but wait times can be up to 4 weeks. 

In the interests of transparency, the retail price of all of our blankets include a shipping charge of $33.  Additional delivery charges for orders outside of the GVRD will apply.

Please Select Your Weight & Cover:

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