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#SD11 Animal Buddies
Please DO feed the animals!
Reward your students each time they complete a task or give a response by letting them "feed" their Animal Buddies. Monty Monkey (he loves bananas), Rhonda Rabbit (she craves carrots), Elly Elephant (she thinks peanuts are tops), and Dixie Dog (bones make her happy) will all thank you. All four buddies are printed in full color on one durable plastic box. The mouth on each buddy is open so your students can take turns "feeding" tokens to them. Talk about motivating!
  • The Animal Buddies box measures 6" x 8" on each side. You'll find one animal buddy on each side.
  • Each set has bone, peanut, banana, and carrot tokens (approximately 80 tokens).
  • Store the tokens inside the box!
  • The durable box is "wipe clean" vinyl!

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"These are a must-have material for anyone working with speech and language! I love these and my kids are so motivated by them!"  Kayla K.
"Animal buddies is my favorite motivational game. My early childhood students will do anything I ask for a chance to feed the animals. The game itself is great for working on phonolical processes. For cluster reduction the kids say snack and feed the animals their snack. For Final consonant deletion the kids say eat. For syllable deletion the kids say peanut or banana. I practice 'Wh' questions. 'Which animal do you want to feed?' 'What does he want to eat?' The therapy possibilities with this simple toy go beyond a simple token system, and my kids love playing with it." SLP School




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