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Regular exercise has many benefits. Designing a program for a cognitive disabled child is challenging and requires knowledge of the child’s social behavior. Incorporating variety into the fitness program is also essential in order to maintain the child’s interest.

Consider the child’s sensory deficits when planning and identifying exercises and activities that are within the child’s ability. Prevent boredom by exposing the child to combinations of exercise that are repeated no more than twice a week. Feeling a sense of accomplishment builds self-esteem and enhances self confidence.

An effective fitness program will evolve with the child’s progress and the program complexity should be increased gradually as the child masters the program. A successful exercise program will help motivate the child to participate in a healthy lifestyle over the long term.

Note: Special needs children with impaired proprioception may be unable to detect the stretch and pull on muscles and joints that signal the brain to increase or decrease muscle tension. This robs the body of key information needed to maintain good muscle tone and to possibly avoid dangerous activities. Exercises should be performed under close supervision


It is sturdy enough for jumping on and soft enough for sitting and relaxing. This New Crash Mat helps your child's vestibular and proprioceptive senses. They can play or relax on this mat. It's filled with cushy foam! It is sturdy enough for jumping yet soft enough for sitting. Durable construction stands up to jumping and the ample foam filling makes it comfy for sitting or resting.

  • Durable construction and ample foam filling make it ideal for play areas or reading rooms in daycare centers.
  • Filled with soft inviting foam is ideal for sensory stimulation or balance activities ... or just a great place to crash!
  • Wipes clean and disinfects with spray disinfectant.
  • Ships with foam compressed for reduced shipping costs.

SEE THIS VIDEO:  Remember, the importance of having a crash pad at home is to help your children build their motor planning skills, which leads to better focus and attention in the classroom so our goal is to continue prepping our kids for higher learning. Activities like these can help calm children, especially if they have anxiety or need that sensory touch to help them concentrate and listen to the teacher in school. It also organizes the brain for classroom projects and strengthens their core muscles.

The crash pad is a special order and is not returnable nor can refunds be given, unless defective.


"I purchased this because my severely autistic non-verbal 8 yr old son likes to jump. Little did I know that all kids that have been over just love this. The only words my son has left are "tickle me" so he will lay down on this and ask for tickles and me or my husband jump on and have a tickle fight. We also have a 5 yr old son and sometimes all 4 of us are on here! It is very durable and easy to just wipe clean. "  Cathy K.

"This has truly been a life changing product in our house. My 4 yr old daughter has a high need for physical input and loves to crash into people and other things. We have been searching for ways for her to get the input she needs without hurting others or herself. Since getting this crash pad, we have used it every single day. We tip on its side against the wall so she can run and crash into it. We even use it to "throw" her into the crash pad from over our heads. She loves it and her 2 yr old sister, who does not have any sensory needs, also loves it."  Grace M.


  • 3 x 4 feet, or 91.44 x 121.92 cm
  • 5 x 5 feet, or 152.44 cm square

Shipping to Victoria is included in these prices.  For delivery outside of Victoria or for drop shipping, an additional shipping fee will apply and will be invoiced separately.

The crash pad comes shipped and delivered under pressure in order to minimize the cost of shipping.  It is recommended that the shipping case be opened as soon as possible upon receiving the crash pad.


Due to supply chain storages we have temporarily changed the fabric color on 3’x4’ crash pads to Dark Green.


The new color only applies to the 3’x4’ version, the 5’x5’ will continued to be produced in the Royal Blue color. 

NEW CLOTH COVER: Both sizes of the Crash Pad now also come with an additional cotton cover, called the 'Cozy Cloth'. 

Softer than the nylon, and sure to please those children who are attracted to soft things. 

It is light blue in colour, and it is the same price as the nylon cover.


Crash Pad Sizes:

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