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Twiggle Toss

Twiggle Toss
Tossing and aiming are the operational motions commonly seen in our daily life – by applying body muscle forces to throw an object at the target. This is also considered as one of the important child development stages.
  1. Combining the activities of classic ring toss and bean bag toss, Weplay Twiggle Toss offers a lot of fun.
  2. Rockable base design can increase the challenge of toss game. Three different holes on the base can hold the Y-shaped Twig vertically or inclinedly to create various kinds of toss games.
  3. The Animal Rings can be hung on the special protruding point on the Y-shaped Twig or fixed in the special notches on the Twig to provide various tossing target with different incline degrees.
  4. Bean Bags and Animal Rings can form an interesting feeding scenario and offer more fun.

Play Value:

  1. Ring toss can enhance wrist flexibility and aiming skill.
  2. Bean bag toss can help improve hand-eye coordination.
  3. Encouraging children to assemble Weplay Twiggle Toss by themselves can inspire creative thinking in young children.
  4. Children can increase their frustration tolerance from the game process.
  5. Good for visual tracing and attention training.


  • Rocking Base x 1 pc
  • Y-shaped Twig x 1 pc
  • Animal Ring x 6 pcs ( bear x 3, monkey x 3)
  • Bean Bag x 4 pcs (red x 1 pc, yellow x 1 pc, blue x 1 pc, green x 1 pc)

See the video:

Here's the link to the AblePlay page for the Twiggle Toss:



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