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#PP06 Body Sock

The Body Sock allows children and young adults to jump, crawl, and pretend while improving sensory integration.

Made from a comfortable, resistive material, the suit provides calming deep pressure, heavy work and proprioceptive input. This fun suit helps children develop spatial and body awareness, muscle strength, motor planning and creativity. Head can be placed outside or inside the Body Sock

  • Stretch material provides heavy work and resistance through movement and deep calming pressure.
  • Good for tactile defensive children, sensory seekers and crashers (including children and tweens with autism)

Once inside, users find themselves in a private space and discover how to change the ghost’s shape while developing balance and coordination skills. Use it for activities such as drama, dance and others. Constructed of translucent four way Lycra®.

Our Body Sock comes in 5 sizes

  • Preschool X Small 85 x 67 cm, or 33.46 x 26.37 inches
  • Preschool Small 100 x 67 cm, or 39.37 x 26.37 inches
  • School Age 117 x 67 cm, or 46.06 inches
  • Teenage, Adult Large 140 x 70 cm or 55.11 x 27.55 inches
  • Teenager, Adult X Large 165 x 70 cm, or 64.96 x 27.55 inches


  • Measure the height of your child.
  • Keeping in mind that you want the body sock to have a height that is less than the height of the child, to maximize the proprioceptive qualities, please select the proper size.



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