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Marble Run 80 pieces



The following description is borrowed from Sam Blanco, A NYC-based educator with almost 20 years of working with autistic children.  You can find Sam at:

Modifications: What I love about this toy is that you can easily modify it for the needs of your students. I use this with my lowest functioning students who are nonverbal, because they are motivated to mand (or request) items/actions such as marble, track, or push. I also work with them on tracking the progress of the ball, grasping the ball with their finger and thumb, and playing appropriately with the toy for 1-5 minutes. It’s a good toy for working on beginning manding, as well. You can keep the ball out of sight, and have the student request it when they see it is missing. A toy like this is especially important for me, because I can use it to work on these low-level skills, but it is still age appropriate for some of my older students.  I use this with my highest functioning students to work on building complicated structures, following directions, and describing what just happened.

Skills: Manding (asking for items/actions), gross motor skills, understanding basic cause and effect, prepositions

Pros: For many of my students who are very low functioning, this is one of the few toys that is consistently motivating. It’s nice that you can change the way the structure looks each time you build it. It is also a great toy because it is easy to play with appropriately, compared to some toys that students with autism or other learning difficulties may play with in inappropriate or unusual ways.

Cons: While this is a game that students can almost always play with appropriately independently, the marbles pose a choking hazard so students should always have supervision.

Should I buy this? A resounding yes. I cannot stress enough how great a toy this has been for my early learners with autism, but it has also been motivating for my upper elementary students who are higher functioning.


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