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#WA01 Highlighted Paper


Since Brightlines paper is simplified visually, the individual is able to form letters correctly with adequate space between words .The lower half of the writing area has been emphasized with bright blue color and indicates where the lower case letters should be placed. The solid lines have been separated to help the individual locate the writing area.  The writing line is capped at the beginning and the end to signify where to start and stop writing.  The raised line paper features only the bottom line embossed.  The writer then has a tactile cue for better letter placement.

Provide a tactile guide to help struggling hand writers stay within the writing lines.

REVIEW:  “I love the paper…My son has extremely weak muscle tone and some difficulty with visual perception and motor planning. I’ve tried every paper I could find to help him. Yours is the only one that didn’t overwhelm the eyes with so many lines on the paper, that gave him start and stop lines, and best of all showed him where most of the letters were going to sit – in the blue section! Many thanks!”

1/2 spacing, 8 lines per page

Each booklet has 50 pages

Blue Colour Only



Price:$17.99 Sale! $9.99

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