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Folkmanis Monkey In A Barrel

#PP03 Folkmanis Monkey In A Barrel

"Puppets can assist children with special educational needs. They can motivate and support children with difficulties in communication and interaction. They can help to develop their social and motor skills, and can meet the visual, tactile and emotional needs of the individual child. 

All puppets come to life as characters. They can portray different personalities and various traits and they cross all cultures. Puppets can share joy or sadness; they can be naughty or good, cheeky or shy; and when a child is engaged by a puppet they can learn lessons without even realising.

Puppets provide an essential link between learning and play which makes them wonderful teaching tools for at home, the classroom and in the wider community."

'Puppets in Education', A. Greensmith

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Well, a MONKEY IN BARREL puppet of course! When you pull the monkey down into the soft microfiber barrel, the barrel lid closes. Guess what kind of monkey business is going on in there. Pop the monkey out for a playful surprise.


LENGTH: 6", WIDTH: 6", HEIGHT: 10"

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