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Triangular Pencils - HB

Triangular Pencils - HB


The easy to sharpen wood is made from non-rainforest sources and does not splinter. Each pencil has a strong, break-resistant HB lead that is perfect for all kinds of arts and crafts projects. 

  • Graphite triangular pencils for better grip, easier and more comfortable to use
  • Quick visualization of lead hardness
  • High-quality graphite HB lead
  • Resistant, easy-sharpen lead
  • Eraser at one end
  • Box of 12 pencils

REVIEW: "great triangular shape. Easy to use and perfect for a young child who is learning to hold their pencil correctly."

Try pairing these pencils with the Croc Croc Pencil Sharpener


    and the Highlighted Paper 

    Highlighted Paper



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