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Toggle Board Zipper Pull - Red - "Riptide"

#J05a Toggle Board Zipper Pull - Red - "Riptide"

This gnarly Red toggle board is sure to suit your chewer - whether they are dreaming of being on the slopes, in the surf or on the rail. It's long shape makes it perfect for molar chewing - it will reach right to those back teeth. The toggle strap makes this ideal to attach to a zipper for a chewable zipper pull. It can also be attached to a backpack or purse, wrapped around a seat belt or worn around the wrist as a wrist fidget. 

The Toggle Board has a matte finish, firm silicone but still flexible. The single color  provides a discreet chew for all ages 

Approx 8cm long, 2.5 wide & approx .5 - 1 cm depth

The shape is also great for hands free chewing, leaving the chewer able to play or work while still satisfying their chewing need with a favorite Chewigem.



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