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The Book Seat

The Book Seat

Say goodbye to awkward reading positions!

Lightweight and portable, The Book Seat holds your book in place with the pages open for you, enabling a comfortable and hands-free reading experience wherever you are. From small paperbacks to large hardbacks to tablets, The Book Seats unique page holder is adjustable to hold virtually any sized book.

Take advantage of The Book Seats adaptable body to suit your needs, by moulding it to sit on your lap, arm of your sofa and even on an angle if you enjoy reading lying on your side.

Comes in these great colours:

Charcoal Grey       Charcoal Grey

Sky Blue             Sky Blue

Aubergine (Purple)    Aubergine Purple

Dusty Rose (Pink)       Dusty Rose Pink



Price:$49.99 Sale! $24.99
Colour Choice:

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