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Air Cushion 60 cm

Air Cushion 60 cm

The Weplay Air Cushion is used to reduce the stress on the spine. It assists in controlling children that are hyperactive and need to wiggle to maintain focus. The cushion can be used on the floor or on a chair. The cushion mimics the movement of a gym ball. It can be used to strengthen lower body muscles, as well as train for balance by standing on it.

Size: 60 cm / 23 5/8"

One side of the cushion is very bumpy while the other side is slightly bumpy. This provides the users with different sensations to enhance the sense of touch and coordination. Cushion can have more or less air to adjust the stiffness for the comfort of the user.

 Max. Load: 100 kg

Weight: 3.3 kg
Volume: 0.79 cu ft

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