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Lights and Action Motorized Building Set

Lights and Action Motorized Building Set


A great toy for parent and child

  • Dazzling motion takes construction creativity to a higher level
  • Pieces snap together easily and pull apart so kids can build anything they can imagine--there's no wrong way to build
  • Features 121 durable plastic pieces, storage tub, and button-cell batteries for flashing lights are included.
  • Motor requires 3 AA batteries, not included.
  • Countries of Origin are Korea and China

Kids love building with gears and this set adds lights, motorized movement and glow-in-the-dark appeal! Building with gears is a great way to start STEM play. Connect the bases and use the gears and special pieces to design and build a structural masterpiece. Count out the pieces, create patterns with color, ensure symmetrical components, and test the movement. Add to the build, modify it as necessary, and spin again. Watch as the gears connect with one another to create one unified, moving, working design. As children build they tackle small problems like where to place gears to connect the movement or how to build up and across and still have the gears connect. Logically thinking through these small steps as they are encountered hone critical thinking skills needed for higher level learning.

This large set appeals to generations as young children color match and group and make simple gear designs. As children’s skill and abilities advance, so do their building techniques and it shows in more intricate structures. The tabletop design gets parents and grandparents in on the action and makes the building experience a treasured time together.

See the video: BadgeStem Approved

Please note that this is a special order and will 3 to 4 weeks to arrive.


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