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Rocking Bowl

#PP011 Rocking Bowl

Sometimes the simplest toys provide the greatest amount of fun.  

The Rocking Bowl allows kids to climb hide, rock and balance in a safe and inviting way.  The Bowl helps in the development of balancing skills and imaginary play. Children can rock inside the bowl, which can hold up to 2 children at once, or flip it over and try balance while lying on top of it.

Turn it back over, and it is a great hiding spot for games of hide n go seek or peak a boo !

The wave designed edge provides children with areas to grab without the threat of being pinched. The patterned inside gives the product an anti-slip area and a visual focus. The bottom is designed with a smooth curve to allow the bowl to rock in all directions. 

APPLICABLE AGE: 6 months and up

DIMENSIONS: 72 cm diameter, 32 cm depth


COLOUR: green only

Please note this is a special order. Please allow 5-8 weeks for delivery.


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