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Sensory Staxx

#RSB FM 6 Sensory Staxx


An excellent tool to develop fine motor skills, colour recognition and coordination  

  • made of washable and durable vinyl
  • 18 soft blocks in a carrying case for easy storage


  1. Basketball. Toss the blocks into a bucket or laundry basket. Move farther away to advance play.
  2. Water Play. Add another sensory element to bath time or the backyard kiddie pool by adding blocks to the water.
  3. Hide N Seek. Hide the blocks around the house or yard and try to find them.
  4. Build & Stack. Try to build the tallest tower of blocks without it toppling down.
  5. Tic Tac Toe. Draw a tic tac toe square on a piece of paper and use two different colored blocks to represent each player as an X or an O.
  6. Sensory Bin. Place the blocks in a plastic container with dried beans, rice or sand to find the pieces.
  7. Locational. Hide the blocks around the house and give directions like, “under” the blanket, “next to” the bathroom, “left of the refrigerator."
  8. Balance. Try to balance blocks on top of your head or shoulders. Sit to start and then try to walk while balancing.
  9. Magic Tricks. Hide a block underneath a cup and move them around. Guess which cup the block is under like a magic trick!
  10. Play Ball. Toss and catch the blocks back and forth.

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