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Success Balls

Success Balls


Our Success Ball features parachute dynamics and foam-pellet filling and provides an easier catch. The ball is easy to catch, hold and throw.

Air entering through the mesh panels is trapped by solid LYCRA panels to render a parachute-like slow down.

EVA foam pellets are so small they literally conform to the size of the users hands. 

  • Made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam-pellet filling with polyurethane and mesh panels for durability and sting-free impact
  • Waterproof and the ability to float makes them great for use in water
  • Provides a tactile surface that's great for sensory stimulation
  • Brightly colored for easy visibility during play

We sell the Success Ball in 4", 6" 8.5" and a well-priced 3 pack, consisting of one Success Ball of each size. 


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